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Pharmaceutical industry is one of the most developing and rapidly growing sectors of global economy. India is known as “Pharmacy of the World”, being a supplier of affordable drugs to many countries due its pivotal position in the global pharmaceutical market. The government of India has adopted initiatives to further promote the pharmaceutical sector in India under Green-Field and Brown-Field Projects. Under these projects, the companies will establish new facilities or utilize the existing plants to start a new production activity which requires a huge number of trained professionals well versed on modern technologies. With a view to catering to this increasing need for qualified professionals in the pharmaceutical industries, a four year B.Tech. - Pharmaceutical Technology programme has been started in the year 2019 with a sanctioned intake of 60 students under Anna University, Chennai. The curriculum of the course is designed in line with emerging concepts in the area of drug discovery, design, drug-lead optimization, production, product characterization, quality control and marketing to produce qualified and competent technologists to take up the challenges of pharmaceutical industry. It is accomplished through the dedicated efforts of a team of highly qualified faculty, state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and a support from industry experts. The members of faculty in the department are committed to disseminate basic and applied knowledge to the students which will lead them to stay ahead in all aspects in the field of pharmaceutical technology. The initiatives at the department will certainly offer a conducive environment for higher education and research among the student community besides promoting their individual and professional development.

Department Vision and Mission


Transforming individuals into technocrats’ proficient to innovate invent and disseminate knowledge for the socio-economic benefit of the society.


MD1: To offer application-oriented quality education through innovative teaching-learning practices.

MD2: To provide industry driven skill development to the students to become innovative, competent and contributing engineers.

MD3: To encourage and engage faculty and students to carry out constructive and socially relevant research.

MD4: To nurture the entrepreneurial, leadership and ethical qualities of students for self and societal growth.


PEO1: Graduates will apply their knowledge and skills in their core engineering and allied areas to create a congenial ambience for synergizing academia, research, technology and industry.

PEO2: Graduates will demonstrate the understanding of multicultural and global perspectives to work both as team member and leader with a sense of ethics and professionalism.

PEO3: Graduates will update their knowledge constantly through continual learning to foster their personal and organizational growth.


PSO 1: Apply the fundamental concepts of drug delivery to develop efficacious dosage forms.

PSO 2: Design and develop methods to minimize the emergence of drug resistance in microbes.

PSO 3: Plan and deploy the production of pharmaceuticals from natural resources.



After completion of graduation in Pharmaceutical Technology, the students will be able to demonstrate the ability to:

PO1: Apply knowledge of mathematics, science and technology in the discipline

PO2: Identify, formulate, research literature, and analyse complex engineering problems for its solution

PO3: Design and develop system processes that meet the specified needs with appropriate consideration for public health, safety, cultural, societal, and environmental.

PO4: Design the experiments, its analysis and interpretation of data, synthesis of the information using research-based knowledge for complex problems.

PO5: Use modern engineering tools, software and equipment to meet the needs in the area of Pharmaceutical Technology

PO6: Apply reasoning informed by the contextual knowledge to assess societal, health, safety, legal, and cultural issues relevant to the professional engineering practices.

PO7: Apply knowledge of the impact of pharmaceutical technology solutions in a societal and global context

PO8: Demonstrate ethical principles and commitment to responsibilities and norms of the Pharmaceutical technology practices

PO9: Work effectively as an individual and as well as member in teams of diversified professionals

PO10: Communicate effectively

PO11: Understand the philosophies of project management principles in Pharmaceutical technology

PO12: Showcase urge for self-education and life-long learning


  •         Biochemistry Laboratory
  •         Microbiology Laboratory
  •         Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering Laboratory
  •         Physical Pharmaceutics Laboratory
  •         Analytical Methods and Instrumentation Laboratory
  •         Physiology and Pharmacology Laboratory
  •         Medicinal Chemistry Laboratory
  •         Bioprocess Engineering Laboratory
  •         Formulation and Dosage Forms Laboratory
  •         Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics Laboratory
  •         Natural Products Laboratory

Faculty Details


Professor and Head

Dr. L. Vijayakumar has served the academia at various teaching positions for a span of 15 years. After having obtained his M.Tech. Degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT), Vellore, he received his Doctoral Degree from Anna University, Chennai. His scholarly pursuits evince in presenting and publishing a number of papers in the national and international conferences. He has published papers in ten international journals and seven conference publications to his credit. He has occupied various covetous positions such as Resource Person and Chair Person in technical sessions in Workshops, seminars and conferences besides organizing the same during his career.

He is an active member of various professional bodies and societies such as Society of Biological Chemists (SBC), Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE), Association of Pharmacy Professionals (APP) and Association of Microbiologists, India (AMI). His scholastic endeavours enabled him to receive many accolades and recognition for his contribution in the field of pharmaceuticals. To add a feather in his cap, he was honoured with prestigious Fellow Member Award and position as Co-Ordinator of Biotechnology Division of APP. He is endowed with research initiatives at the capacity of Approved Research Supervisor for Faculty of Technology of Anna University, Chennai, and his research interests encompass Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Biopharmaceuticals and Pharmaceutical Formulations.

Mrs. C. RAMYA M.Tech

Associate Professor

Mrs. Ramya Chenniappan is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology at Hindusthan Institute of Technology, Coimbatore. She holds an M.Tech. Degree in Biopharmaceutical Technology from Alagappa College of Technology, Anna University, Chennai and completed her B.Tech. Degree in Biotechnology. She has participated in various national level seminars and technical events. Her area of Specialization includes dosage forms and pharmaceutical enzymes.

Mrs. J. Esther Hellan Prasanna M.Tech

Assistant Professor

Mrs. J. Esther Hellan Prasanna joined Hindusthan Institute of Technology in Januray 2021 and has a teaching experience that spans nearly 7 years. She has completed her under-graduation from Vivekanandha College of Engineering for Women and post-graduation in Biotechnology at BIT Campus, Anna University, Trichy. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Biotechnology. She has got a patent on "Biodegradable packaging material" as a replacement for the PET products. She has an agile mindset that helps in quickly adapting to new ways of teaching and learning. She has substantial experience in Chromatography and Fermentation Techniques, and her research interests include Molecular Modeling and Drug Discovery.

Ms. S. Aswini M.Tech

Assistant Professor

Ms. S. Aswini, Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Technology holds M.S. (By Research) and B.Tech Degree in Pharmaceutical Technology from BIT, Anna University, Trichy. She has participated in several national level seminars, conferences and underwent many workshops and Faculty Development Programmes. Presented her research work in various national and international level seminars and conferences, published three papers in peer reviewed journals.