Tamil Mandram

    Despite a tremendous interest shown in the field of Engineering and Technology, the department shows s keen interest and thirst for Tamil Language, its tradition and culture through the activities of Tamil Mantram.

    English Literary and Oratorical Club

    ELOC was introduced in the year 2008 to help students attain fluency in English Language through different forms and genres. Students are trained to participate in various events like group discussion, debate, extempore, book review and individual presentation. English language workshops are conducted to help them improve their communicative language. Many students are benefitted and they have also given their testimonials.

    Fine Arts Club

    The Fine Arts Club of HIT provides students a platform of self-expression and opportunities to develop their talents in the various art forms like Music, dance, Mime, Pencil Art, Photography, etc.

    The FAC was inaugurated on 8th March, 2018 and many enthusiastic performances were presented by the students. Also “Talent Hunt 2K18”, a selection process for both UG & PG students for joining the Fine Arts Club in various categories of events was also conducted on 5th Feb, 2018.

    Software Development Information Storage And Management Club

    Software Development Information Storage And Management Club (SDISMC) is the club of its kind to fill the generation gap in understanding varied mechanisms of information storage infrastructure in model and simulated environments. It provides a wide-ranging learning on storage technology, which will enable you to make more well-versed decisions in a progressively multifaceted IT environment. It builds a strong understanding of underlying storage technologies and prepares you to learn advanced concepts, technologies and products .

    Programming Club

    PROGRAMMING CLUB (PC) is an initiative of STEAM Vision to help little budding minds to change the world around them with their understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM). It aims at identifying and developing pioneering skills with confident guidance and proper mentoring to make them Future Innovators, Technology Players and Entrepreneurs.

    Club of Open Source Software

    CLUB OF OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE (COSS) serves to contribute to, create, and critique open source software projects. Open source software empowers users by allowing them to run, copy, distribute, study, change, and improve the code. We’re beginner friendly, no experience is required!

    Idea Innovation Club

    IDEA INNOVATION CLUB (IIC) is a step taken where students get a platform to present their ideas and innovative thoughts. The club helps these budding ideas by giving them a boost to convert ideas into invention of something appreciable and significant. The club envisions to make its members competent to become the leaders of the future with excellence in technical, creative, and intrapersonal skills, through making them learn how to learn, by simulating a workspace like atmosphere inside the lab, and making them go through all challenges, and setbacks they may face in the real world.

    Club of Internet of Things

    CLUB OF INTERNET OF THINGS (CIOT) is to provide a communal platform for Internet of Things fanatics (like-minded individuals) to network and connect with experts within the field. To host workshops to facilitate the building of simple Internet of Things devices, hence allowing students to interact with them in a widely accessible manner.