Controller of Examinations

Warm Greetings from the Controller of Examinations


Hindusthan Institute of Technology has been granted autonomous status by the University Grant Commission, New Delhi, effective from the academic year 2020-2021, valid for a decade. Affiliated with Anna University, Chennai, the institute's Exam Cell and Office of Controller of Examinations operate as a consolidated unit. This office plays a pivotal role in managing various activities, some specific to autonomous institutions and others common to both autonomous and affiliated systems. Responsible for tasks ranging from scheduling academic calendars to crafting question papers, conducting examinations, assessing answer scripts, and releasing results along with grade sheets, the Controller of Examinations office stands as a cornerstone of the institute's autonomy. Additionally, it ensures the smooth execution of continuous assessment tests, ensuring the academic rigor and integrity of every academic year.

Office of Controller of Examinations


The Exam Cell and Office of Controller of Examinations function as a unified entity, overseeing a comprehensive array of tasks. While some responsibilities are exclusive to autonomous institutions, others align with practices prevalent in both autonomous and affiliated systems.
• Organization and Management of
• Evaluation of all courses across all programs through internal assessment.
• Conducting end semester examinations (both theoretical and practical).
• Assessment of end semester examination papers.
• To ensure accurate assessment of candidates' performance during examinations, and manage result processing.
• To facilitate the prompt release of examination results.



The institution has commenced enacting the subsequent reforms pertaining to examinations. • Every aspect of the examination procedure, from pre est arrangements to post-test operations like result management, dissemination, and the secure creation of grade records, is fully automated.
• Central Evaluation Center for Assessing Answer Booklets located at the HIT Campus.
• Incorporation of Information Technology across all stages of the examination procedures.
• The application server, database server, and backup server are housed at HIT. Users of the system can access the services by connecting to these servers at HIT via the designated e Governance portal.
• After the completion of the evaluation process, Answer Books undergo moderation by members of the Result Passing Board for final approval.
• Results are published digitally, accessible through the Institution Website.
• Examination schedules and results are conveniently accessible via the Institution Website.
• Hall tickets complete with photographs, and printed examination schedules featuring seat numbers and hall locations are issued.
• The Chief Operating Officer promptly selects and approves the opening of question papers from multiple sets on the same day.
• Students have the option for revaluation to rectify any errors in evaluation and result processing.
• Stringent measures, including vigilant monitoring and penalties are implemented to prevent lapses and malpractices during theory and practical examinations.
• Security features such as watermarks, invisible logos, and holograms are incorporated into statement of marks/grades and consolidated grade sheets.
• Online registration for courses is available for each semester.
• Examination fees can be paid online through the institution's web portal.
• A system generates random dummy numbers for end-semester answer scripts.
• Modifications to the evaluation patterns for practical courses have been implemented.
• Modifications to the evaluation patterns for Professional Skill courses and One Credit Courses have been made at the end of each semester.
• Examination reforms based on Bloom's Model have been introduced, significantly influencing the examination system.
• A comprehensive security system, including CCTV cameras and electronic devices, is in place to prevent question paper leakage.
• The Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) recommended by the UGC is fully adopted for examination reforms, with necessary modifications where applicable.
• A uniform system for evaluating answer scripts and reviewing question papers is followed.
• Grievance handling and redressal mechanisms, along with selective reevaluation systems, have been developed by state and central government universities.
• University level examination invigilation squads are established as per the university ordinances.

Faculty Details

S. No Name Designation Qualifications
1. Dr.P.M.Balasubramaniam Professor & CoE M.E., Ph.D., MIE
2. Mr.S.Sivasubramanian Assistant Professor &
Deputy CoE
3. Mr.S.Udhayakumar Assistant Professor &
Deputy CoE
4. Ms.S.Mahalakshmi Admin Assistant
5. Mrs.R.Vanithamani Admin Assistant
6. Mrs.D.Kalavathi Attender